The Switch features a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen

The upcoming Nintendo Switch features a 6.2 inch screen that can output at 720p and has touch screen capabilities.

Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips broke the news, which came from the same sources that also leaked the initial Switch design. His report details the Switch’s screen, revealing has more functionality than first thought.

The screen found on the tablet portion of the device will measure 6.2 inches, which is the same size as the touch screen found in the Wii U gamepad. It will also be able to display images in 720p, which is a big improvement on the Wii U.

Easily the most interesting part of the leak is the multi-touch functionality. Both the 3DS and Wii U did not feature multi-touch, meaning the screen could only register one pressure point at a time. Having this in the Switch should allow for gestures such as the ones found in most smartphones.

Touch screen capability in the Switch has been a hot topic of debate since the reveal last week. Some said it would obviously have it, building on the Wii U design, whereas other said it wouldn’t because you couldn’t use touch capabilities when the tablet is docked and you are playing on the TV. Phillips’ report suggests that this is overcome via the infrared sensors in one of the Switch’s controllers. This could be used like a Wiimote to point at the TV, replicating the touch screen experience.

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