The UK’s Top Five Indie Innovators: Go2Games

The next entry in our Indie Retail Month look at the UK’s top indie innovators is video game site Go2Games.

Business development head Craig Constantinides explains how Go2Games has embraced a new business model.

What do you do that makes you stand out from the indie scene?
We love computer games. Upon meeting some of our main competitors we have realised that this is not always the case. As we continue to develop we will keep our personal service at the core of our principles. From employment to having wonderfully long chats with customers we will continue to fly the flag for the gaming community at large.

How important is it for an indie store to innovate?
The culture of retail has changed so much over recent years that it can be difficult to understand what a niche is. It’s very difficult to bring new ideas to the table if pushed; we have found that enjoyment and our core principles over pounding your head against the wall, constantly focusing on futile ideas, has already put us in a strong position to implement changes in the near future.

What has Go2Games done to innovate and grow the business?
We have worked closely with other well-known large merchant platforms to transfer quickly over to their new business models and have worked on a first point of contact basis with suppliers and customers to keep the loose ends to a minimum. This means that when we are ready we will bring the big changes in constantly
and consistently.

What plans do you have for the future of Go2Games?
We have a wall of ideas that involve things that are important to G2G as a developing retailer, but also being a young team we have ideas based on our own personal development that we can use our platform to support and promote. We care a lot about charity and in particular the Teenage Cancer Trust. We will be working towards using video games as a tool of support for the wonderful wards they provide to the young people that really need it, whether it is gifts or a percentage of sales, we understand that life is not just about money, but making
a difference. We will also be using our varied media based backgrounds to create unique and quirky content. The world is our Go2Oyster.

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