The Wii U Gamepad can apparently do 3D

Nintendo’s Wii U Gamepad apparently has a significant bit of added functionality that we’ve not heard about – it can display in 3D.

Oddly, though, we’re not talking 3DS-style glasses-free 3D. Instead, IMGMR reports that green and magenta glasses from Inficolor are need to take advantage of the experience.

It can be activated at any time during gameplay via the options menu.

Furthermore, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III is compatible.

There is an immediate question that presents itself, however, and it’s one that perhaps explains why Nintendo hasn’t publicised the console’s 3D functionality.

And it is this – people have already asked questions of the need to switch your focus from your controller’s screen and the TV screen. Can you imagine doing that when one is in 3D and the other is not? And when you have to remove or put on your glasses each time?

Of course, many titles – including Assassin’s Creed III – allow Gamepad-only gaming, removing the need for users to flick between two displays.

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