There is ‘no way’ Fallout Shelter will make more money than Fallout 4

Bethesda’s marketing VP has dismissed the idea that Fallout Shelter might make more money than Fallout 4.

Fallout Shelter was released during E3, it topped the Apple App Store in 48 countries and was played more than 70m times a day during that period. SuperData estimates the game made over $5m in its first two weeks in the US, and mobile games veteran Neil Young speculated to MCV in July that the title’s revenue could surpass that of its bigger console brother, Fallout 4.

But Bethesda marketing and PR boss Pete Hines has dismissed the suggestion. No,” he said. No way, not even close.”

However, Bethesda remains committed to Shelter. Some of the game’s more committed players have already finished the title, maxing out the game’s 200-player cap and unlocking all the rooms. Bethesda has been updating the game with additional characters, but that offers little to those that have finished the game.

But that will soon change, says Hines.

The intention is that for the rest of this year and into next year and beyond, we will continue to develop new stuff for the game – and not just [enemies] deathclaws, but to continue to grow and expand the game for folks that have hit 200 people and have maxed out everything. We are asking ourselves: What more can we add content wise for these people? That is definitely a big part of our plan.”

Shelter was a real surprise when it was announced at E3. Mobile games have historically been ignored during the LA expo, but Bethesda proved that it can work – announcing and launching the title at the same time during its E3 press conference, and seeing it spike up the charts.

How often do you get to hear about a game you didn’t even know existed and then can download it straight away? Hines asks. We felt that was a really cool way to do it, and do it in a larger part of talking about this massive game that has been rumoured and speculated about… it was a perfect alignment of the stars.”

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