There was nearly an Ancient Rome Call of Duty game, report

If footage from a pitch reel is to believed, a Call of Duty title set in Ancient Rome was in the works.

That’s according a source speaking to GamesRadar, who claims that in 2008 Vicarious Visions put forward the idea of a Call of Duty, called Roman Wars, which cast players as a soldier in Julius Caesar’s Tenth Legion.

The title would have featured a mix of third- and first- person perspectives, and was set for launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2013 – though it could have made it to Xbox One, too.

The third-person sections would have been inspired by Gears of War, while 360-exclusive Condemned: Criminal Origins influenced the first-person segments.

The game even made it to the desk of Activision boss Bobby Kotick, but the publisher was unsure about Roman Wars coming out under the Call of Duty brand.

Roman Wars was also pitched to Ubisoft.

Here’s a video from GamesRadar with some footage from the project:

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