There’s a one-off $1,000,000 version of Saints Row IV

Deep Silver has announced the most extravagant video game SKU ever seen – and of course it’s for the flamboyant Saints Row IV.

In May MCV reported on what was then the world’s most expensive video game, the 125,000 Grid 2 Mono Edition. Well, forget that.

GAME is now offering one copy of what is being called The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition AKA The Million Dollar Pack of Saints Row IV. And it costs $1,000,000 (or 643,170).

What do you get for that? Well… where to begin?

OK, let’s start with the more basic stuff. You get a full-size replica Dub-Step gun as seen in the game. And a ‘capsule wardrobe’. And a spy training day. And a hostage rescue experience. And a personal shopper.

Got that? Right, ready for the next bit?

You also get a week for two at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC and seven nights at the Royal Suite at the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai, both with first class flights to Washington DC and Dubai respectively.

OK? Next up, plastic surgery. Actual plastic surgery.

We’re warning you now – from this point things get quite extreme.

Also included is a Toyota Prius with a year’s free insurance. And a Lamborghini Gallardo. Yes, a Lamborghini. It doesn’t specify which Gallardo exactly but they start at about 130,000 in the UK. You also get a year’s super car membership”. That must be a club or something.

That’s not it, though.

There are two more things included with the purchase. One is a Virgin Galactic space flight. That’s an actual trip to space. As in, the big black thing that you see when you look up at night.

Oh, and the Commander in Chief Edition of the game. It doesn’t specify which format but we should imagine Deep Silver will let you choose.

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