There’s another free-to-play Pokemon game on the way

Nintendo has announced a second F2P Pokemon title – Pokemon Rumble World.

The game is heading to 3DS via download next week on April 8th. Nintendo, of course, describes it not as free-to-play but instead as free-to-start – a phrase favoured by boss Satoru Iwata.

The Pokemon Rumble series has been around a while but this is the first time that Nintendo has tried to integrate a F2P system into it. It is being made by Ambrella, which also handled the Rumble titles on Wii, 3DS and Wii U.

The game was announced in last night’s Nintendo Direct although word of it actually leaked slightly beforehand thanks to a listing for the title on the Australian Ratings Board.

Nintendo last month released its first F2P Pokemon title, Pokemon Shuffle. The game was widely panned by critics for what was seen as a quite aggressive use of microtransactions that very much encouraged a pay-to-win mentality, but has been downloaded plenty – although a proportion of those will have been from automatic SpotPass downloads.

Here’s the trailer:

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