There’s still two weeks to get advice from industry experts via the Ukie hotline

Ukie has launched a new hotline to support developers and publishers in the UK. The free advice is available for the entire UK industry, not just Ukie members, on matters such as PR, legal, recruitment, marketing, accountancy and finance, and more from companies like Sheridans, Amiqus recruitment, Game Dragons, and Plus Accounting. 

The Hotline is currently live and will run until August 16th, with a different expert taking the reigns each day between 10am and 4pm.

“Ukie appreciates that it can be difficult at times for start-ups, small studios/publishers to afford professional advice and thus created this initiative to allow people to get first class advice, for free,” Ukie said by way of press release. “Each expert included is extremely excited to help and has dedicated a day of their time to provide the expertise and knowledge to anyone who needs it.”

All experts will be available for free via the phone number listed on their pages. Please scroll down and click any of the linked partners to see their contact details, or DM your questions to the twitter account between 2pm and 4pm on their given day. The expert will then respond to these tweets via the official account. 

You can also contact these experts via email outside of the Ukie Hotline, too, as Ukie reports “all experts are willing to answer your questions at any time” – just find the contact details you need on the Hotline web page.  

Des Gayle (Altered Gene), Andy Payne OBE (AppyNation), Stuart Dinsey (Curve Digital), Ian Livingstone CBE (Fusebox Games Ltd), Veronique Lallier (Hirez Studios), Noirin Carmody (Revolution Software Limited) and Miles Jacobson OBE (Sports Interactive) were all elected to the Ukie board this year, and Ukie recently revealed it will be rebranding, ditching the purple for a monochrome look to reduce confusion between the organisation and political party Ukip.

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