Thought-controlled gaming coming this year?

The Daily Mail has reported that one of the greatest innovations of all time will be upon us this year – thought controlled gaming.

An article in the newspaper, which will no doubt inspire a fair amount of cynicism from hardened gamers, says that a new headset has been designed by Australian company Emotiv – containing 16 sensors that measure brain activity.

According to the story: ‘The EPOC headset has 16 sensors which measure electrical activity in the brain, allowing players to push and pull objects on a screen just by thinking.

‘Despite scepticism among some experts, Emotiv – the Sydney-based company behind the headset – claims it has carried out pre-release tests which show that the electroencephalography process works.’

Emotiv co-founders Allan Snyder, a neuroscientist and former Cambridge University research fellow, and Tan Le are confident the technology can take gaming from the Wii to the next stage.

Tan Le said: This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be a convergence of gesture-based technology and the brain as a new interface – the Holy Grail is the mind.”

The newspaper adds that the headset ‘could replace joysticks and Wii handles’.

PIC: Emotiv/ The Daily Mail

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