THQ and Humble make $5m as bundle experiment concludes

Humble Bundle’s AAA experiment with THQ has come to a close, and the results look very solid.

The effort raised just under $5.1m by selling nearly 900,000 units across its two weeks of availability. Each sale allowed buyers to choose the split between THQ, Humble Bundle, and charity donation.

The average price for the bundle was a modest $5.76, but many buyers put down much more – including several purchases of over $1,000. THQ president Jason Rubin pledged $10,000 himself, putting him at the top of the contributor list for the offer.

The biggest piece of a $5m split is not going to solve THQ’s financial woes, but it’s certainly a positive on a couple of fronts for the beleaguered publisher.

Humble Bundle meanwhile, appears to still have its image intact (at least with consumers) following multiple members of the games journalism and indie development communities speaking out against Humble’s support of a AAA publisher.

With the results in hand, its not hard to picture another AAA bundle arriving at some point in the future.

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