THQ stock temporarily rebounds on Humble Bundle success

Troubled publisher THQ has finally seen some positive movement on the stock market following the success of its recent Humble Bundle.

The pay what you want” offer saw gamers able to pick up the PC versions of Darksiders II, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon and Company of Heroes, as well as its two add-ons Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor.

Those who paid the average amount (which at the time of writing stands at $5.63) also received a copy of Saints Row: The Third.

To date the game has been downloaded over 584,000 times amassing a total haul of $3,290,054.60.

By default 65 per cent of each purchase goes to THQ with 20 per cent going to charity and 15 per cent going to the Humble Bundle operators. However, this can be tweaked by the user so it’s unclear exactly how much THQ has profited from the initiative.

Notably THQ bigwigs Brian Farrell and Jason Rubin have contributed $1,650 and $1,050 respectively. Farrell later clarified that 100 per cent of his pledge went to charity, though almost comically added that his move should not be interpreted as a recommendation to others on their split”.

In the hours after the success of THQ’s Humble Bundle hit the publisher’s share price climbed by 40 per cent to $1.61. The stock was as recently as last Wednesday trading for as little as $1.07.

Some of these gains have already been lost, however, with stock currently trading at $1.40.

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