Three new PlayStation VR games unveiled

Sony has revealed three new titles for its upcoming PlayStation VR hardware.

This trio of new releases were announced on PlayStation Blog. The first title is Statik from Tarsier Studios – the developer behind LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation Vita.

The firm’s Dave Mervik describes the experience as ‘a VR puzzle-mystery’, in which players have to use their brain eyes and ears to solve puzzles. But the game seems to purposefully deceive your sense.

The second title Sony has announced is The Dance for Harmonix Music VR. This is a new world that has been unveiled for the previously-revealed Harmonix Music VR which has players creating a dance party. The release come with 17 songs, but the game also works with any music within players’ library.

And the final PlayStation VR game announced is Valley by Slender developer Blue Isle Studios. This title features more exploration than the horror of the firm’s previous terrifying release.

PlayStation VR is set for an October release date and comes with a 349 price tag.

Check out the trailers for all three games below:

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