Thrustmaster feels The Force on Wii

Whilst the world is still waiting for the Star Wars lightsaber game that we all dared to dream of when the Wii was first unveiled in 2005, Thrustmaster has moved to abate the appetite of would-be Jedi’s the world over with

the unveiling of its new ‘Glow Saber’ accessory


The device, which houses the console’s Wiimote, might not add any functionality to the Nintendo’s machine, but there’s no doubting that using them whilst playing The Force Unleashed or LEGO Star Wars will make any user incredibly strong with The Force.

The Glow Sabers sport blades that include 17 LEDs, with one being red and the other blue. On top of the two AA batteries needed for the Wiimote, three further batteries are needed to power the lights.

Though the accessory is not officially licensed, the stylings are obvious – with the twin pack even going so far as to be modelled on the laser swords of popular characters Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Thanks Go Nintendo.

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