Tiga: We do not see the value of a merger

It has emerged this afternoon that despite repeated calls for a union between the UK’s two video games trade bodies, developer organisation Tiga has outright abandoned any chance of the proposal.

Furthermore, Tiga has issued a stark reply to those calling for a single organisation, claiming that "Tiga is that body".

Here’s the statement in full:

TIGA and its board would like to make it clear that we have no plans to merge with any other organisation. We do not see value in distracting ourselves with talks towards such an end while the games industry faces pressing matters including Games Tax Relief, R&D tax credits, improving access to finance, migration policy, education and skills and IP.

TIGA is united around a common agenda that includes Games Tax Relief, a policy that would benefit a whole range of different games businesses. Some other trade associations have been ambivalent at best about this measure. It makes no sense to sacrifice TIGA’s coherence for a merger which would undermine our effectiveness.

TIGA is an organisation with a mission: to fight for the interests of UK game developers and of the wider games industry and to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We would warmly welcome as a member of TIGA any individual or organisation that actively shares our aims and supports our mission. We welcome all games businesses including developers, self-publishing developers, publishers, platform holders, outsourcers and education providers who support TIGA’s principles and who want to belong to an ambitious, dynamic and effective trade association.

While we do not consider it a priority that the UK games industry be represented by a single trade organisation, we appreciate the appetite some parties may have in this regard. As far as we are concerned TIGA is that body, since it has transformed the industry’s political profile and consistently provided exemplary leadership on the key issues facing the games industry in recent years.

TIGA has increased the political influence of our sector not least by instigating the creation of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Computer and Video Games Industry. TIGA has decisively improved the profile of our industry in the mainstream media, generating positive stories about our sector on national television, radio and in the press.

TIGA’s services continue to make a difference to our members day-to-day: help to attend overseas tradeshows; discounts for members on key industry services; best practice advice on business and self-publishing; and networking events to build connections with other creative industries and education providers.

We have strengthened links between the games industry and education providers. TIGA has published new research on education and skills, lobbied the Government to enhance education provision and we are proud to include 25 higher education providers amongst our membership.

TIGA has been independently recognised as a highly efficient and effective trade organisation that is delivering real value to its members and to the wider video games industry. That is why it was awarded Trade Association of the Year 2010” at the annual Trade Association Best Practice Awards.

TIGA will continue to support positive policies that further the interests of its members and of the UK games industry. For those who support our vision we invite you to join us on our mission.

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