Tim Schafer: Publishers unconcerned with Kickstarter

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer has provided a bit of a reality check to individuals claiming the company’s record-breaking Kickstarter effort has publishers worried.

Schafer explains that while the amount raised for their adventure game Kickstarter campaign is phenomenal in crowd-funding terms, publishers have hardly batted an eye over the news.

"Their response has always been, Oh that’s great – congratulations on that. Now let’s talk about games like we always have,” Schafer said speaking in an interview withRock Paper Shotgun. "I don’t think any publishers are quaking in their boots – they’re like, Oh, two million dollars, that’s cute! That’s the marketing budget for the little game I’m working on.” It’s not a big amount of money for them. It’s a big amount of money for us though."

Although Double Fine has seen unprecedented success through the relatively new funding method, they’re not about to change their current relationship with publishers.

"We’re still out pitching our other games. This is just one of our projects. We have four teams here. Those other teams are still out there pitching new games to publishers."

Double Fine has currently raised $2.25m from nearly 70,000 backers with still 14 days remaining in their campaign.

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