Time limited PES PS3 features

Konami’s Pro evolution Soccer creator Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka has told


that the time constraints placed upon his team limited the number of features he could cram into the PS3 version – but has also added that there is no difference between the PS3 and 360 iterations of the title.

Well I’m satisfied in that in the time frame we had, we were able to finish the code and release it on time, but that’s only really within that time frame,” he stated. When I look at the capacity of what the PS3 can do, I feel very strongly that there’s loads of things that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do them in this version.

As to the future, well it’s not just about PS3 actually, but it’s more about the mentality of the development team and I want to change the mentality of the team to be renewed and changed to focus on all next-gen platforms. We’ve already started operations on this.”

Seabass also commented on the new features that gamers can expect in next year’s version of the game:

I can already promise you that next year’s version of PES will have a lot more new features as you would expect because we’re already working on these new things right now. With the release of the PS3 we now have all the basics of the next-gen at a starting stage finally.

Now I don’t have to worry about creating the basic parts of the next gen versions for next year, meaning I have already been able to start working on new features. Now I’m able to promise new things and a complete overhaul in every aspect.”

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