Tiny Mogul Games announces endless runner Shiva

Tiny Mogul Games has just announced its new game, Shiva, a colourful side-scrolling endless runner that also allows the players to rewind time.

Set over multiple time periods, Shiva lets players unlock new weapons and power-ups as well as customise their characters with new gear. The game also throws challenges your way, with rewards for completing them.

While most endless runners have you start from the beginning or from a checkpoint when you fail, Shiva’s rewind mechanic lets you have another go. Rewind is in limited supply though and its benefit is balanced by the large number and variety of enemies you’ll encounter along the way.

Shiva will be free-to-play and is scheduled for release on Android within the coming weeks.

Check out the game’s stunning art style in the teaser trailer below, and for more on the game, head over to its official Facebook page.


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