Titanfall currently runs at 792p on Xbox One

Another game has been confirmed as running at sub-1080p on Xbox One.

This time it’s the console’s upcoming flagship title Titanfall, which arrives in the UK on March 14th.

Eurogamer spotted that the game outputs at just 792p in a tech analysis – a figure that Respawn has since gone on to confirm.

When asked what the native resolution of Titanfall Beta is/will be on the Xbox One, Abbie Heppe, community manager at Respawn, confirmed the Titanfall Beta runs at native ‘792p’ resolution, an increase from the previously rumoured 720p," reported the Titanfall blog.

Abbie went on to say that the resolution will increase as the team edge closer towards a final build of Titanfall, and could potentially be in the region of 900p native resolution once complete.

To clarify, whilst 792p is not a standard resolution as many would come to expect, the vast majority of games run at odd resolutions and are then upscaled. In this instance, 792p would be upscaled to 1080p depending on the output settings of the console.”

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