Titanfall vs InFamous – two next-gen exclusives compared

This month has seen both next-gen consoles finally get their hands on a big exclusive, but what do the arrivals of Titanfall and InFamous: Second Son reveal?

Well, we know that InFamous helped PS4 hardware sales jump by 106 per cent week-on-week. Titanfall, meanwhile, helped Xbox One to a 96 per cent sales boost.

MCV has also been told by a trusted retail source that Titanfall sold just under double the amount of units its first week than InFamous managed in its debut week, although of course Titanfall sales fell around 75 per cent in its second week leaving it behind both Sony’s game and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

MCV can also reveal that around one in four UK Xbox One owners purchased Titanfall. Meanwhile, around one in nine PS4 owners acquired InFamous: Second Son.

None of this takes digital purchases directly from Microsoft and Sony into account, however.

It’s easy to argue that really InFamous and Titanfall are sufficiently different in theme and potential reach so as to render such comparisons meaningless. However, it’s just as easy to argue that at a time when hundreds of thousands of consumers are desperate to get their hands on new games for their still new gaming hardware, the performance of these early titles is telling.

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