TmarTn denies attempted bribe of CSGO Lotto whistle blower

Under fire YouTuber TmarTn has denied accusations that he tried to bribe the man behind the video that first revealed his secretive ties to CSGO Lotto.

HonorTheCall yesterday went live with a new video detailing some of the backstory behind the explosive events. It is claimed that TmarTn offered to pay him a lump sum in exchange for removing his video and revoking his claims.

I am going to make things very simple for you,” the email reads. You take the video down and say that you do not have any proof admitting that you were just trying to get views. And I will pay you $1,000 PayPal. If you do not comply I will tell my fans to dislike all your videos and report the videos and I know people very high up ion YouTube that could quite easily remove your channel.”

As PCGamesN notes, the red padlock in the email image does cast an air of uncertainty over things as it potentially questions the validity of the sender.

TmarTn himself has come out and claimed that the email is fake. Ultimately the problem he now faces is how hard it will be for many to trust him thanks to his documented history of dishonesty.

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