Toby Fox seeks to establish a team to help complete Deltarune

Undertale creator Toby Fox is putting together a team to help him finish his next project, Deltarune.

Although Fox was able to produce a free demo of the new game and may be porting that to additional platforms, he said "it’s actually impossible" to finish Deltarune given the length he expects it to be.

"When I made the demo of Undertale, I made it to prove to myself that it was possible to make a whole game alone (with some help with the art)," Fox said in a Twitlonger post (via "Because I was able to make it in a few months, I felt that I had proved that it was possible. However, making the demo of Deltarune… took a few years. So, given the length of the rest of the game, and how long I’d be willing to spend on a project (7 years maximum) I think the answer is that it’s actually impossible to make this game."

Stating that because of the different graphics, a much more complicated battle system, the overworld, and multiple characters – as well as "introducing everyone properly in chapter 1" in order to "set up properly for the rest of the game" – "essentially it’s not possible to make this game as one person (and Temmie [Chang]). However, it MIGHT be possible to create the game if I’m able to make a team".

"So I’m going to try making a team. Because I really want to make this. But I may not be able to succeed because I have no experience successfully directing a team and I have no idea who I’m going to work with. Since I haven’t started assembling the team yet I have absolutely no estimation of its completion. It could take up to 999 years depending on the efficiency level."

Answering a self-imposed Q&A, Fox added: "there’s no way I’m doing a Kickstarter this time".

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