Today is One Special Day – wallets on standby

Today is Special Effect’s One Special Day – 24 hours in which developers and publishers funnel their profits directly to the charity focused on helping gamers with disabilities be able to enjoy their favourit pastime.

The likes of Sega, Supercell, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Seriously, Miniclip, Rovio, Splash Damage, Nordeus, Outfit 7, Logitech, CCP, and many more are involved in the drive to raise cash. Any UK sales in the games included on this list will go directly to Special Effect and help its work in enabling everyone to play games.

Additionally Humble has launched a tie-in bundle for One Special Day. It does have some absolute bangers in there like Binary Domain, but one can’t help but feel a mite… underwhelmed? by the titles on offer. Still, pay-what-you-want and charity-focused, so no actual complaints here.

There are auctions for charity happening over on eBay, so plenty to bid-snipe on there (for a good cause!). You can literally buy a fishing boat which, in part, supports the charity. And anyone who just wants to directly support Special Effect with a donation can do so over on Just Giving.

Finally, in the spirit of raising awareness through social channels, a special photo frame has been added to Facebook. You can pop it on your profile picture, then educate the masses on what it’s about when they inevitably ask you what this One Special Day lark is all about.

Remember to tell them to donate between posting neo-chain letters about how to avoid having your posts censored on the platform (i.e. ‘lies’).

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