Toddlers warned off 3DS

Gamers aged six and under have been advised to avoid the 3D functionality of Nintendo’s upcoming new handheld the 3DS according to a health disclaimer posted on the company’s Japanese website.

The platform holder says that "looking at 3D images for a long period of time could have an adverse effect on the eyesight development of young children", according to the Wall Street Journal.

With the DS Nintendo has always advised taking break after one hour’s play. With the 3DS this has been shortened to 30 mins, with the company adding that "if your physical condition worsens or you become ill, please stop playing at once".

The machine does include a 3D slider that alters the strength of the 3D effect, so younger gamers could still potentially play 3DS titles in 2D.

"Since the Nintendo 3DS can be changed to 2D to avoid any effects on young children’s vision, it is possible for anyone to enjoy playing it," Nintendo added.

The scientific evidence of the potential dangers of 3D is, to date, non-specific, though several specialists have stated that there’s no proof that either glasses-free or glasses based 3D can be harmful.

Nintendo is not the only company to issue such warnings. Toshiba has previously warned under-sixes off its upcoming glasses-free 3D TV range and although Panasonic does not give specific age recommendations, it too has warned of potential eye problems for younger users.

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