Toejam & Earl game is successfully Kickstarted

The creators of a new entry in the Toejam & Earl series have seen their game successfully funded Kickstarter.

The project has reached its lofty $400k funding goal with over a day to go, currently standing at $430,581 with 31 hours remaining. Almost 7,700 backers have pledged to the project so far.

It has hit its first stretch goal, too, meaning that both main characters will have additional skins harking back to the older games. The next stretch goal, at $450k, would provide for the additional of the Hyperfunk zone as seen in Toejam & Earl 2.

We spent three months working on a sequel that was just like the first game, but our publisher Sega asked us to make a side-scrolling platformer instead,” Johnson said in the original pitch video. They were paying for it, so we did.

In 2002 we tried again to make a sequel that was faithful to game one. We got almost finished when our publisher asked us to change it again. They thought the style was too old school. So we deviated, and once again our fans were disappointed. Our publisher also made the game an Xbox exclusive so you may not have heard about it.

Now it’s time to finally make the true sequel, the one we wanted to make back then. And guess what? This time, no publisher!”

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