Tommy Palm vows to bring VR to the mass market

Former King man and Candy Crush mastermind Tommy Palm thinks VR is not only nearly upon us, but is destined to become a mass-market proposition.

One of the most important takeaways from massively popular mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, is that the majority of all gamers span across many demographics and often prefer light-hearted vs hard-core games,” Palm said.

The emergence of other amazing VR content – like movies and apps – is making the VR platform relevant for all.

VR hardware and games are a lot closer than people think. They can create an unprecedented feeling of presence, immersion and a sense of separation from the outside world, which provides a great foundation for making games that can quickly help players feel relaxed and take some time off from their busy lives.”

The comments come on the same day as MCV reported that the CEO of EVE developer CCP has warned that VR is still potentially many years away from anything that could be called a ‘big’ success.

Palm, who left King earlier this year to found VR startup Resolution Games, has also detailed the company’s new team. Mns Ullerstam joins as COO having recently served as head of Swedish telecom firm Rebtel. Developer Martin Vilcans joins as CTO while former Starbreeze man Olof Hagelin has been named as technical artist.

Joining Palm and Ullerstam on Resolution’s board is John Elvesj, deputy CEO of eye tracking specialist Tobii and entrepreneur Linus Gunnarson.

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