Tony Hawk Ride plus skateboard equals $120

US game retail kingpin Gamestop has priced Activision’s upcoming title Tony Hawk Ride at $119.99 (75). The game has also been set a release date of October 13 for the three home console versions in North America.

Activision has yet to officially announce a release date and full price for the upcoming title, which comes bundled with a Wii-Balance-Board-like skateboard peripheral. If the Gamestop listing is accurate, UK consumers should expect the title to be released before November at around 80.

The $120 ask is in line with Activision’s other current big-box releases. Guitar Hero World Tour, bundled with a solo guitar, sells at $99; the same price as the game bundled with a drum kit.

The UK edition of that very product currently has an RRP of 74.99, though the recent severe depreciation of the Pound may alter any plans for Tony Hawk’s expected RRP.

MCV understands that Microsoft and Activision are currently working out a console exclusivity deal for Tony Hawk Ride in Europe. Following a premature PR release about the deal, the parties involved are now implying that the game will eventually be released for Wii, PS3 and 360.

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