Top 100 Women in Games: Cat Channon

Cat Channon, international director of public relations at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment UK, recalls her journey into the games industry

My first job was at an independent games exchange – I was surrounded by a library of games old and new that I could play almost all day, every day.

From there I moved to in-store marketing, working on numerous brands including some long-standing ones like PlayStation – and some names not so familiar these days like Microprose, GTI and Hasbro.

While working as a rep I was scouted by Sky’s GamesWorld to become a [enemy character] Videator, beating small children at video games on international TV.

Next, I scored a job at Official PlayStation Magazine, which set me on the path to PR, via numerous other TV, radio and newspaper gigs.

For nearly a decade I worked with numerous talented people in the industry, meeting my gaming heroes, eventually starting on a PR path at Bam! Entertainment and moving onto Take-Two, Vivendi and Blizzard, before taking a sojourn back to journalism at Eurogamer, and then using my online experience to head up international comms at NCSoft.

I finally arrived at my current role at Warner Bros, and now work across some of the most phenomenal gaming brands in the industry.

Without a doubt, working with GamesAid has been one of my proudest moments; I’m honoured to have been a trustee in the company of some of the most talented, driven and action-orientated people in the industry.

I’d like to continue my work with GamesAid and have recently been working closely with Warner’s corporate responsibility department to learn more about this area of our business.”

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