TopWare insists Two World II is not pay-to-play

Publisher TopWare has responded to the criticisms levelled at recent changes to seven year old RPG Two Worlds II.

It was revealed yesterday that the Steam version of the game has seen the introduction of a microtransaction store that offers players the option of buying items that expedite progress.

However, the company’s VP of business development Dirk Hassinger has told Eurogamer that the 2.0 update has merely bought the PC version in line with the Xbox 360, which already boasted these features.

"The in-game purchases are optional and not required to play the game – all items which are available for purchase can also be found in inside the game,” he said.

"From our seven years of experience with the Xbox 360 version we know that there are many users who like the possibility of purchasing items like healing potions and mana potions. Those who do not like it do not need to purchase anything – same as it is since release in 2010 for all Xbox 360 users.

"Two Worlds 2 is not free-to-play or pay-to-play. Everyone who owns the game has the full product with all features and the full gaming experience. The only special items not in the standard version can be found in the digital deluxe content, in some special editions or in the season pass. But these items are not available as in-game purchases."

The update also brings with it a lot of new content for the game. There is even a Season Pass, which includes all four of the expansions planned for 2017.

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