Tour de Gamescom approaches final straight – DONATE NOW

And you thought the journey back on the bus was tough?

UK games stalwart Cat Channon and a number of well-known industry faces such as Mark Allen, James Beaven, Nathan Ditum and wife Sarah are on the final leg of their bike ride back from Gamescom.

Yes, Gamescom in Germany.

Why would anyone indulge such madness, you may think? For GamesAid, of course!

They’re expecting to arrive back in Brighton some time today and nothing would delight them more than to arrive back to a huge treasure trove of funds for the charity.

The team has already smashed its 5,000 target. But at MCV we happen to think that a 10k total would be more fitting for such a gruelling endeavour.

Do the right thing and donate at the charity’s Just Giving page.

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