Tretton in Natal EyeToy jibe

Is this what it’s going to be like all the way until Q4?

The latest action in the war of words between platform holders Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo comes courtesy of Sony’s American CEO Jack Tretton, who has urged gamers wanting to get their hands on Natal to instead drop $99 on a PS2.

I think it’s a big idea, and if you really want to get involved in playing with a camera I suggest you go out and buy a $99 PS2 and play some of the great technology we invented eight years ago,” he told GameTrailers.

We’ve kind-of been looking for the right opportunity to bring motion gaming in a PlayStation like experience. We really feel that with Move, and the combination of the PSEye and our Move controller that we’ve got the opportunity to bring realistic gaming with motion to consumers for the first time.

I think, that ultimately this is next-generation motion gaming.”

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