Tretton: PS3 has become leading development platform

The boss of Sony America, Jack Tretton, has claimed in an interview with


that developers are increasingly adopting PS3 as their lead platform and then ‘porting down’ the titles from Sony’s machine to rival platforms.

"We are now starting to see developers creating games on PS3 and then porting them to other platforms, such as EA’s Burnout Paradise," Tretton stated.

"Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what they are able to do with our development kits.

"You will see some very nice things in 2008 coming from our third party partners in addition to what you will see this holiday."

Paradise is the first high-profile multiformat title to see PS3 as the lead platform, though developers such as Infinity Ward have proven that developing games for both PS3 and Xbox 360 should not automatically result in a dip of quality for the Sony product – as can be seen with its recent chart-topper Call of Duty 4.

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