Treyarch has flipped its PS3 security switch

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch has said that it has implemented a number of security measures it had already put in place in case of a potential hacking epidemic on PS3.

Sony’s machine has come under fresh attack from pirates and modders in recent months, with piracy finally becoming a sad reality on the machine.

Last month Activision’s senior tester and support rep Dov Carson warned that the publisher could withdraw online multiplayer support for Call of Duty titles on PSN if Sony did not address the problems being caused by PS3 hacking.

But now Treyarch reckons it has been able to take measures of its own.

As a platform provider this problem is much graver and has much broader implications to Sony than it does to us," community manager Joh Olin stated, according to NowGamer.

"To us, it’s like, it has implications on our game security but we built in a lot of in-game security that we were leveraging and utilising so it was kinda like flipping on a switch for that. I remember the meeting after all the headlines broke, though, and we were like ‘well, I guess, it’s time to turn on the security for the PS3 now’.

It’s unfortunate and I think the hacking community with their rational that it makes their homebrew apps possible on the PS3. I mean, okay, that’s their argument but they know the larger implication to the players who don’t want that and the people who can now modify their game data.”

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