TripleACodes teams up with Nexon Europe

Nexon’s virtual currency is now available in Eastern European territory through TripleACodes.

Customers can buy Nexon Epins from the digital distributor. These codes that can be redeemed for cash on Nexon’s online portal and used in MMOs such as Maple Story and Combat Arms.

The partnership covers 19 countries, including Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Epins can be be purchased with local payment methods.

"Nexon is the global leader in triple-A free-to-play games and it is our honour to have Nexon Europe as our strategic partner," said TripleACodes’ sales director Marcus Whitney,

"Based on our extensive knowledge of the market, we will strengthen the partnership aiming at the success in expanding Nexon’s userbase as well as generating revenue."

TripleACodes already working with a range of leading MMO specialists, including NCsoft and Trion Worlds.

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