TT Games tester reveals redesigned Wii U controller

A QA tester for UK developer Traveller’s Tales has committed what those in the trade describe as a bit of a boo-boo” by leaking a picture of Nintendo’s redesigned Wii U hardware.

The poor fellow in question has subsequently realised the potentially job-losing scale of his error and removed the picture, but not before GamesRadar was able to reproduce it online.

The aesthetic changes are minimal. The buttons have been shifted around and, more importantly, the 3DS-like analogue nubs from before are gone in favour of ‘proper’ analogue sticks. More expensive to produce, certainly, but far better to use.

But what’s most important is that the picture reaffirms the rumours that Nintendo has been working hard on a complete design overhaul of its tablet controller.

There’s even talk that it may now include some sort of remote, not-in-the-same-room-as-its-parent-console usability. All will be revealed at E3 next month.

Both the original hardware and the full size leaked picture can be seen below:

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