TumbleSeed rolling onto Nintendo Switch this spring

The procedurally generated roguelike TumbleSeed is coming to Nintendo Switch, developers Benedict Fritz and Greg Wohlwend have announced.

Revealed via a special Switch announcement trailer (see below) last night, the game will launch this spring on Switch.

Designed by Threes and Ridiculous Fishing artist Greg Wohlwend and mobile developer Benedict Fritz, the game was originally born out of a Cards Against Humanity game incubation program.

Its creators describe it as a "rolly roguelike" in which players must roll a seed up to the top of a procedurally generated mountain. Based on the Ice Cold Beer arcade game, players must balance the seed on a bar while dodging large holes and destroying enemies with over 30 different seed powers.

"It’s got a procedurally-generated world, upgrades, permadeath, and stays challenging play after play," Fritz said last year during its initial announcement for PS4. "You play as the TumbleSeed, a small seed with big plans, trying to roll to the peak of your mountain home. The slope to the top has been overrun by creatures corrupted by a mysterious crystalline power — your goal is to cure the mountain of its infection.

"Along the way you’ll gain seed powerups that provide the tools you need to outwit the mountain’s many obstacles. Will you stock up on thorns to defend yourself and clear the path of enemies? Or will you summon a rain cloud to fill in holes to make traversal easier? Or did you buy the poison seed from a shop to wreak high-risk havoc? We’ve been playing TumbleSeed for two years now, and the game still surprises us every day with the situations it throws at us."

In addition to its Switch release, TumbleSeed is also due to launch onPS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac before the end of March.

TumbleSeed is just one of several indie games recently announced for the Switch. Snake Pass, Rime, Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, World of Goo, Little Inferno, Human Resource Machine, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas and Jackbox Party Pack 3 have all been confirmed for the Switch in recent weeks, with more no doubt to follow as Nintendo enters its final month before the console’s big launch.

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