TV ads: Apple vs games publishers

Apple’s shadow over the video games market is there for all to see. We look at how its TV footprint compares to other games publishers’.

This chart below demonstrates how deep Apple’s TV footprint is, fuelling high demand for iOS products.

The extent of Apple’s TV advertising has resulted in it achieving 129 per cent more TVRs than the largest games and consoles advertiser, Nintendo. Furthermore, Apple has recorded 403 per cent more TVRs than EA.

This is no doubt accentuated by the seasonal nature of the games and consoles market, where TV advertising activity is dictated by release dates. Without such restrictions, building brand equity is everything for Apple, and it has already maintained a consistent presence throughout 2012. Only Nintendo has had the portfolio to utilise a similar strategy.

All this has been achieved across just two products – the iPad (495 TVRs) and iPhone (450 TVRs). This means both products have had a greater presence than all of Nintendo’s campaigns combined.

One TVR?represents one per cent of a target audience. A?campaign can achieve over 100 if a viewer sees an ad more than once.

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