Twitch announce TwitchUnity, a site-wide holiday to showcase diversity

On May 26, Twitch will be holding a site-wide holiday to promote diversity on the streaming platform.

The holiday, entitled TwitchUnity, is aiming to celebrate the Twitch community’s diversity and to reinforce the importance of inclusivity for, not just the service, but gaming in general.

A new global emote and channel graphics will be available on the platform, while an exclusive TwitchUnity t-shirt will be made available for purchase, with all proceeds from the sale going to Amnesty International.

Twitch has long had a problem with toxicity on the platform, and they’re keen to show that they’re tackling these issues head on. They’ve already taken steps around hte subject, with the recent launch of the Automod software helping to automatically take care of some of the worst of Twitch chat, with the software being refined over time. The aim is to make the comments and chatter around Twitch a safe and enjoyable place to exist.

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