Twitch announces major ‘brand refresh’, Project Ultraviolet

Twitch has announced Project Ultraviolet, a “top-secret update” that pays homage to games and its online community. A major brand refresh ahead of TwitchCon, the changes include a new colour palette, Twitch logo, font and the “entire community experience of the product”. 

Described as “the first of many steps [Twitch is] taking with [its] new shared understanding of what Twitch’s brand and product experience should be”, Twitch says these upcoming changes are designed to put the Twitch user “front and centre and equipped to shine as [users] reinvent what entertainment is and can be”. 

“Just over a year ago, a whole bunch of us at Twitch set off on a journey,” said Twitch by way of a public blog post. “Our destination: an updated Twitch brand that matches the vibrant energy of our creators and communities, so we could help clear the path on their way to becoming globally recognized icons. And with communities like ours, matching that energy is no small task.”

“So the next step was clear,” the post continued. “We needed to do the work to make everything we’ve created together even better so you can tell your stories to the world. That means a new approach to brand design. One that lets us step back so you can step up.”

The changes include “evolutionary” tweaks to the brand design system in order to “elevate every single person on Twitch” including the new edge-to-edge video player and the company’s first brand campaign, but of course “there is no Twitch without purple”.

“Purple did a lot of work to get us to where we are, and while it’s always going to be the star of the show, we thought it deserved some backup. So we’re rounding out our lineup with over two dozen new colours, all nicknamed after iconic games and pop culture characters.”

Creators will be given Creator Color, a new tool that lets them “set a specific color to express themselves and their brand”.

“ was originally built out of need to stream and share—and the Twitch brand grew up organically in real-time, as well,” the post concluded. “Now we hope it’s designed around what you need and deserve. There are more changes to the product experience than we can list in this blog, so we hope you’ll dig in and see it all for yourself. Behind it all was our desire to make our creators feel loved, valued, in control, and excited about telling your stories with your communities—and the world—in a more fully realized way.”

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