Twitch is now a games retailer, is selling Nuclear Throne

Streaming giant Twitch has for the first time offered users the chance to purchase a game via the service.

Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers developer Vlambeer is allowing gamers to purchase the Steam version of its next title, Nuclear Throne, through Twitch.

You can now buy access to the Steam build, Vlambeer emoticons and a subscription to our channel through itself,” it says. If you’re interested in learning about game development, this is where you should buy the game. 60 per cent of revenue goes to us.”

That’s compared to 70 per cent of the revenue through Steam and 90 per cent via Humble Bundle.

The developer will be streaming video of the game’s development on Twitch every Tuesday and Thursday.

Where will Twitch’s ambitions end? At this rate it’ll be making games next…

Nuclear Throne is heading to Steam Early Access and is also in development for PS4 and PS Vita.

UPDATE: Twitch has contacted MCV with the following clarification:

"It is our partners, not Twitch that is doing the selling. Twitch offers a substantial developer program with a robust API. In the case of Vlambeer, they decided to use Twitch Connect functionality in a very interesting and innovative way. They are automatically identifying subscribers and offering them access to the game as part of the Vlambeer Twitch channel subscriber benefits.

"It’s yet another example of how our community leverages the Twitch platform in new and inventive ways."

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