Twitch partners contractually locked out of YouTube Gaming streaming

Over 10,000 of the top video game streamers are being locked out from streaming on Youtube’s new YouTube Gaming service.

VentureBeat reports that 11,000 streamers have to date signed partner contracts with Twitch. Now the streaming service has admitted that such contracts typically” include an exclusivity agreement” stating that live streaming cannot take place on rival services.

The clause doesn’t block the uploading of pre-recorded video to YouTube, or the streaming of non-games related content.

The question now is how vigorously Twitch intends to enforce such agreements should some of its partners choose to dabble with YouTube Gaming? Twitch’s tight-lipped responses to the situation has led to confusion, with some streamers apparently being led to believe that YouTube streaming WOULD be permitted provided it were not done simultaneously with Twitch.

Indeed, some official Twitch partners HAVE been streaming on Twitch, with no reported instances of cease-and-desists being issued.

YouTube Gaming launched earlier this week. Twitch in response pointed out that it’ll take some significant effort to catch its market leading position.

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