Twitch reveals new AutoMod tool

Twitch has revealed a new feature, known as AutoMod, that aims to keep Twitch chat at bay without the need for real life human moderators. 

Previously large Twitch streams needed real people to monitor the chat and remove any nasty or inappropriate content and ban users, however through the power of machine learning at least some of that work can be done by the new AutoMod tool.

The new tool automatically blocks messages that are deemed inappropriate by a set of rules that can be edited by channel owners. These messages can be approved by the streamer or a mod if they wish. The tool can also ban things such as inappropriate emote spam/combinations, links and copypastas. 

“What makes Twitch a leader in moderation, beyond our ever vigilant team of Admin moderators, is that we equip streamers with a robust set of tools and allow them to appoint trusted moderators straight from their communities to protect the integrity of their channels,” said Ryan Kennedy, Moderation Lead, Twitch. “This allows creators to focus more on producing great content and managing their communities. By combining the power of humans and machine learning, AutoMod takes that a step further. For the first time ever, we’re empowering all of our creators to establish a reliable baseline for acceptable language and around the clock chat moderation.”

“Inclusivity is something that is important to both our community and our brand,” said Anna Prosser Robinson, Programming Manager and Inclusivity Group lead at Twitch. “One of the best ways we can help bring about change is to provide tools and education that empower all types of voices to be heard. AutoMod is one of those tools, and we hope it will encourage our users to join us in our continued focus on fostering a positive environment on social media.”

AutoMod is now available to use on any English language stream worldwide. 

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