Twitch streamer Ninja blows past 10m follower mark

Twitch has its first 10-million-plus streamer, thanks in no small part to Fortnite, in the form of Ninja. The ‘seriously ridiculous’ milestone puts gaming’s biggest name in streaming completely in a league of his own, with no competitor coming anywhere close to these numbers.

At the time of typing out these words, Ninja currently sits at 10,013,375 followers – meaning since he hit the 10 million mark, he’s since managed to accrue more followers than most of us will in our lifetime almost as an afterthought. These are bewildering numbers.

And that fact wasn’t lost on the 27-year-old, who tweeted:

Ninja has been a mainstay of the streaming circuit for a number of years now, and the 27-year-old cannily manages to stay ahead of (or at the very least keep up with) the curve with regards to the titles he broadcasts on. Of course Fortnite is still both Ninja and Twitch’s number one, but growing titles like Realm Royale get a look in too.

It seems Ninja is in the market for breaking every record there is to break on Twitch, with his efforts earlier in the year – alongside rapper Drake – to break the all-time concurrent players record a resounding success. And the best part about that was he wasn’t even trying to break any records, it just happened.

When you’re on the up, you’re on the up. But what’s next for Tyler Blevins? Probably not dying of ‘ligma’, we know that much – he’ll probably go for the most channel views on Twitch, seeing as right now Ninja sits in a woeful ninth place in the entire world. Ahem.

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