UBIDAYS 08: Beyond Good And Evil 2 confirmed

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot left the stage at the company’s Ubidays event in Paris last night with a particularly cheeky smile – paving the way for a trailer of the sequel to popular last-gen title Beyond Good And Evil.

As the lights went down, the teaser lit up the many screens littering the conference room in the French city’s famous Louvre showing off cult developer Michel Ancel’s next project.

The film showed a desert scene with a porcine protagonist snoozing by the side of a broken down car, before a fly began buzzing around its head.

After much struggle, he snorted it through his nose and said "50". He went back to sleep as the camera panned away. More snorting was then heard – with another fly being sucked up his nostrils – before the crowd heard 51”.

The trailer then faded to black. It was opened by the heroine of the original game, Jade, briefly being seen sitting atop the car.

No release date or further information was given.

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