Ubisoft joins Tezos blockchain ecosystem as corporate baker

Ubisoft has announced today that it will be joining the Tezos ecosystem as part of its continued exploration of blockchain technology led by its Strategic Innovation Lab.

Tezos differs from many of the most well-known blockchains, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Texos uses a proof-of-stake mechanism, rather than a proof-of-work one, which without going into too much detail means you don’t get the huge computational cost and resulting electrical power needed to validate transactions, as you do with say Bitcoin.

In addition Tezos is designed to be flexible, with a built-in system to allow its community of users to make changes to the rules by which it functions. That makes it a great place for Ubisoft to explore the potential of blockchain technology and how they can synergise with the games industry.,

By becoming a baker, Ubisoft will now take part in validating transactions and adding them to the Tezos Blockchain. The company is working with French-based Nomadic Labs on this initiative.

Michel Mauny, president of Nomadic Labs, specialist of Tezos blockchain, said: “This announcement proves once again that the Tezos ecosystem is one of the most active in the world. We are delighted to have worked with the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab on their exploration of Tezos. Ubisoft is one of the first large companies to show interest in blockchain technology by testing several protocols through the years and we are happy to welcome them in our ecosystem. Their experience and vision will be an asset in the Tezos community.”

Nicolas Pouard, blockchain initiative director at Ubisoft added: “We’re happy to be joining the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker. Ubisoft believes that blockchain has the potential to bring new possibilities to players and developers alike, and this new collaboration will allow us to pursue our innovation efforts with an ecosystem that aligns with our environmental-friendly approach thanks to its proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.”

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