UBISOFT: New IP For Honor to reinvent sword fighting games

Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft Montreal is putting together another new IP for new generation consoles.

The game is in a new genre for the publisher, a action-packed sword-fighting combat game featuring Vikings vs Knights vs Samurai. So it’s not a historical project.

It is a four vs four multiplayer experience that the firm thinks will be a completely new way to fight in video games. The weapon is controlled by the right stick, which the firm hopes will allow for a visceral experience. It is certainly a violent title.

It’s not all multiplayer, Ubisoft Montreal’s Jason Vandenberghe, the creative director on the project, says it will have a full campaign mode. But it is a multiplayer game first and foremost.

Vandenberghe had been pitching this game within Ubisoft for 12 years, and kept hearing ‘no’ from the management. But eventually, Yanis Mallet – Ubisoft Montreal boss – put him in touch with a new creative team, which allowed him to get the game into a shape worthy of publishing.

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