Ubisoft ‘stole the show’ at E3 this year – SuperData

Sony may have had a great showing at this year’s E3, but for SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen, it was Ubisoft who "stole the show."

Ubisoft had "a top-notch release slate that combines corporate and creative courage," van Dreunen told MCV. He also praised Ubisoft partnering with Nintendo for its Switch exclusive, Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

"Its exclusive collaboration with Nintendo for the Switch, titled Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, was an instant crowd favourite. It also suggests that Nintendo may be willing to consider more collaborations in the future. Against the background of Ubisoft’s increasingly strained relationship with Vivendi, the partnership with Nintendo is also a show of force for a company seeking to protect its creative freedom."

Van Dreunen added that Assassin’s Creed’s year-long break from shelves seems to have benefitted the franchise greatly, signalling a return to form for the series.

"Taking the extra year to develop Assassin’s Creed Origins has so far paid off, as the franchise seems back on track and well-positioned to deliver the beauty and immersive experience that made it popular in the first place," said van Dreunen.

The decision to close the show on Beyond Good and Evil 2 was also a real crowd-pleaser: "Finally, with the showing of the long-awaited sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ubisoft reminded everyone of its calibre as an international games publisher."

For our own analysis of Ubisoft’s E3 conference, including its partnership with Nintendo on Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, click here.

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