Ubisoft sues website it says facilitated DDoS attacks against Rainbow Six Siege servers

Ubisoft has instigated legal proceedings against a website it says was instrumental in a series of denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that took down its Rainbow Six: Siege servers.

As reported by Polygon (thanks, VG24/7), the website cited in the paperwork offers tiered service plans to customers so they may “test their services” and website security. However, Ubisoft says it has obtained a screenshot that evidences that no only are its servers reportedly at risk, but those of “Fortnite, FIFA 20, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 [are] potential targets”, too.

Consequently, Ubisoft is seeking damages and legal fees and is requesting that the court shut down the website concerned. The lawsuit – which was filed in Calfornia late last week – not only cites a number of individual defendants and their aliases, but also accuses the site owners of being “well aware of the harm” their services cause, saying the “defendants have gone out of their way to taunt and attempt to embarrass Ubisoft for the damage its services have caused to [Rainbow Six Siege]”.

“In order to maintain Ubisoft’s strong community of dedicated R6S players, Ubisoft has invested considerable time, money, and effort into ensuring that all of its players have a positive, fun, and rewarding experience each time they play R6S,” Ubisoft’s lawyers say. “By this lawsuit, Ubisoft seeks to stop an unscrupulous commercial group of hackers and profiteers dedicated to harming Ubisoft’s games and destroying the R6S player experience for their own personal financial benefit.”

Ubisoft DDoS lawsuit by Polygondotcom on Scribd

“Defendants are members of a business enterprise that provides its customers with subscription-based access to software and other online services designed to enable their customers to perpetrate targeted denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks (the “DDoS Attacks”) on the computer servers that enable R6S players to play and compete in the game,” it continues. “Defendants have offered the DDoS Services through various domain names, websites, and anonymous online aliases [and t]he DDoS Attacks that Defendants enable and facilitate are designed to disrupt and impede the functioning of the R6S servers, often disconnecting all of the players playing R6S on the targeted server.

“And even when the DDoS Attacks do not completely destroy existing matches, they can, and regularly do, impede the normal operation of the game, including by causing severe degradation of the game experience for legitimate players,” it adds.

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