Ubisoft: Watch Dogs 2 boosted by six-month PR campaign

The senior producer on Watch Dogs 2 says that the titles has been bolstered by a ‘shorter communication cycle’.

The first Watch Dogs was announced in June 2012 and released almost two years later, in which time the title had changed slightly – particularly visually. It resulted in criticism from fans who felt they had been misled by the development team.

Watch Dogs 2 was first unveiled in June this year, and is due out on November 15th.

Games are interactive, and people really get into it for a long period of time, so their expectations become very important,” said Dominic Guay.

For us, one of the big benefits we had with Watch Dogs 2 is that we had a shorter communication period. When we announced the game, we pretty much had a full alpha of the title in place. We were able to show a lot of the missions, we could show gameplay right from the start. It was easier
for us to say: ‘This is the game that you will be playing, in its final state, in six months time in your home’.”

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