Ubisoft: We can still be the No.1 publisher

Publisher Ubisoft believes it can still become the world’s biggest publisher, despite the changing marketplace.

The firm told MCV?in 2011 that it wanted to topple EA as the No.1 games firm. But admitted this year that its mission has been complicated by the emergence of mobile, browser and social gaming.

Ubisoft has always believed in having a challenging goal,” UK boss Rob Cooper told MCV.

Becoming No.1 may not happen tomorrow but look how far we’ve come.

The arrival of digital platforms offers benefits and challenges. Over 20 per cent of our resources are dedicated to online opportunities. Consumer reception to new IP like Watch Dogs proves that blockbusters are far from dead. But a burgeoning digital line-up on mobile and free-to-play, along with successes like I Am Alive and Trials Evolution as standalone digital games on existing platforms, demonstrates our ambition.”

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