Ubisoft working on new Driver title?

A story about UK games development posted this morning on the


seems to claim that the now Ubisoft-owned developer Reflections is working on a brand new instalment to its Driver franchise.

The BBC video interview begins with a shot of a Reflections dev playing a driving game, over which reporter Rory Cellan-Jones states: Reflections is best known for this game, Driver, and they’re working on a whole new version of the game here in the studio.” Also shown is a pair of designers working on vehicles models, and a clip of a character based sequence.

Driver rose to fame in 1999 when the first instalment arrived on PlayStation. In total the series has produced four console versions, and an additional PSP outing. The franchise has a mixed past – Driv3r famously received a poor critical reception but sold strongly, whilst the sequel, Driver: Parallel Lines, fared better with the critics but failed to perform at retail.

Reflections Newcastle, formerly known as Reflections Interactive, was bought into the Infogrames/Atari stable in 2003, before moving under the Ubisoft umbrella in late 2006.

UPDATED: When contacted about the BBC report, a Ubisoft rep stated the following: "We have previously already confirmed that the Reflections studio will continue to work on the Driver series but have nothing further to announce at the moment."

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